Goals & Aspirations


For the plan to succeed it must provide an accurate representation of the community’s aspirations and goals.  Through public consultations undertaken to date we have been able to draft a mission statement:-

A Neighbourhood Plan for Branston and Mere Parish which will give residents the opportunity to shape the future of the Parish and to maintain and enhance the character and vitality of Branston, Branston Booths and Mere creating a vibrant, attractive and sustainable community.

Our themes cover:-

Built Environment

To ensure new development is appropriate and proportionate and enhances the existing attractive quality of the surrounding countryside, ecosystem and historic environment.

Community Facilities

To provide residents, existing and future, with the opportunity to live and work in a home and community appropriate to their needs and to ensure services and facilities are suitable.


To encourage the use of alternative modes of transport for journeys within and outside of the parish.

Business &  Employment

To promote small local businesses and work with developers to create the space and necessary infrastructure for small enterprise and shops creating a culture of sustainable local employment.

Leisure & Recreation

To develop diverse leisure and recreation activities in order to promote healthy lifestyles.