The building work has started and the Parish Council has been notified that Public Right Of Way (PROW) 9 – from the corner of Moor Lane and Sleaford Road – will be subject to closure during construction work. The closure could be at any time during the building work to ensure that members of the public are not put at risk.

PROW 791 will remain open throughout. It can be accessed from Sleaford Road, opposite the Windmill Meadow development, and meets up with PROW 9 at the corner of the recreation ground.

Another alternative is the ‘woodland walk’ through the tree belt alongside the north boundary of the recreation ground and accessed from Moor Lane, just beyond the 30mph limit which meets PROW 791. To make a circular walk, turn left at the end, walk along the side of Longhills onto Potterhanworth Road or turn right to get back onto Sleaford Road. Please do not take dogs across the Recreation Ground – this is a safe space for children to play and do sport. Even if you do pick up, residual amounts could remain.