The Branston Charity

The Branston Charity gives small donations to organisations in the village. If you would like to be considered for a donation, please contact the secretary, Sue Harrison on 01522 791699, giving an account of your organisation.

The Branston Charity was formed in 1972 and was an amalgamation of 4 old village charities, the oldest dating back as far as 1734, which were no longer viable on their own due to inflation.

Nine trustees distribute the income from investments once a year. In the past bread was distributed to the poor and there are still residents in the village who can remember their grandparents being given this bread. Apprentices were often provided with tools if their parents were unable to buy them. After the First World War help was given to many widows. Now the welfare state has eradicated the need to give money to the poor and needy so organisations within the village now benefit from the charity.

In 2009 the Trustees organised a Band Concert at Branston Booths which added to the charity’s funds.

Donations have been made to the following groups:

Branston Short Mat Bowls Club
Branston Women’s Fellowship
Branston Friendship Club
Branston Junior School for the Music Department
Branston Booths children’s Christmas party

Chairman : Mrs Rosie Lundgren
Secretary : Sue Harrison – 28 Rectory Lane – 791699