Branston Neighbourhood Plan

Three separate developments within Branston and Mere’s curtilage have been granted planning approval without many resident’s views being taken in to consideration by the local authority.  These developments may not have gone ahead in their current shape and form if there had been a Neighbourhood Plan in place.

A Neighbourhood Plan has real legal force and, alongside the strategic Local plan, can shape where development should be situated, what it should look like, and the type of housing built.   When considering local planning applications or appeals, local authorities and planning inspectors would have to make decisions on the basis of the Neighbourhood Plan along with any other material considerations.

The plan has to be produced in partnership with the community.  Please contact us if you would like to get involved and able to assist in any way.  We would like people to join the steering committee, talk to members of the public at our events, assist with writing policy.  We would urge all members of the community to take part in forthcoming public consultations and vote in the plan’s referendum.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan is vital to our community as it empowers us to have a say in the use and development of local land.  It can contain detail on issues such as:-

  • Preferred sites for housing and other specific developments.
  • How new developments should be designed, orientated and located.
  • Specific local needs can be identified such as the amount of affordable housing needed, the requirement for more starter homes/single person accommodation and appropriate housing for an aging population.

There are, as you would expect, conditions the plan must meet such as compliance with national legislation.  It must be in general conformity with existing local planning policy.  It’s important to recognise that Neighbourhood Planning is about guiding and shaping development rather than undermining the delivery of it.  Crucially, the plan cannot promote less development than that identified in the development plan for the local area.

Branston village has had three sites approved by NKDC for residential development; Mere Road (198 dwellings), Station Road (91 Dwellings) 73 dwellings at Sleaford Rd/Moor Lane; ensuring we should satisfy our share of the required development sites but Neighbourhood Planning doesn’t end there.

Plans can also include proposals for improving Branston & Mere or providing new facilities.  It can encompass employment, heritage and transport.  For example, we have around 100 businesses operating in Branston and Mere Parish; our plan could provide a framework for supporting these small businesses and increasing local employment.  It could also include a strategy to ensure the character of the conservation area is retained for future generations.